Case study: a medium size company #2

Net sales value in 2022: €318,676

A real partner currently using Ovoko platform is described here. This car scrap yard has been selected so that you can get a more detailed look at the results of a medium size company. We do not provide a company name due to confidentiality reasons.

About the scrap yard

This is a medium size scrap yard and they dismantle German car makes up to 10 years old. Before joining Ovoko they didn’t have an inventory management system and had only one source of sale – on site sales. Ovoko has helped them to solve both issues. First of all, they started using the Ovoko inventory management system which helped them precisely track all their stock. And what is the most important – Ovoko marketplace has helped them to find new export markets and increase their revenue by 100%. Their net sales value in Ovoko marketplace in 2022 were €318,676.

Key data


10 years old

Age of the cars

51.93 € + VAT

Average value of a car part uploaded to the system

54.20 € + VAT

Average order value


Most common car makes

The source of sales

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