Manage your inventory and sell it across Europe with Ovoko
Manage your inventory
and sell it across Europe with Ovoko
All-in-one solution for used car parts
sellers to enter international
e-Commerce market
All-in-one solution for used car parts sellers to enter international e-Commerce market
3638 partners and
How is it going for them?
Ovoko partners' success stories
How to work effectively with Ovoko and increase e-commerce sales?
Case study: a medium size company #1
611 parts sold during the 2nd month
It took one month to fully integrate their inventory management system with Ovoko marketplace through API
Case study: a medium size company #2
Net sales value in 2022: €318,676
Ovoko marketplace has helped them to find new export markets and increase their revenue by 100%.
Ovoko solution
How does it work in real life?
Why Ovoko?
Do you sell mostly domestic and are stuck with company growth?
Ovoko marketplace will boost your sales and help you to open new export markets. Ovoko marketplace is already translated in 10 languages and has more than 3 million of visitors every month.
Do not speak in English or your customers native language?
We take care of the customer service and all communication, solving shipment problems and any other issues that customers may have with their orders.
Do not work with international shipping and do not know where to start?
We look after of the entire shipping process - from pickup to delivery and (if needed) return.You just need to pack the sold item and print the label straight from the system. That's it!
Does it take too long to find out if you have requested part in a stock?
Ovoko platform comes with a built-in inventory management solution which allows you to keep track of your inventory
Does any of these questions
look familiar to you?
Does any of these questions look
familiar to you?
You may ask
How does it work
in real life?
Inventory management
Ovoko platform comes with a built-in inventory management solution. A one-stop-shop solution for shifting from offline to digital business, unlocking eCommerce potential and expanding markets by 100’s of times straight from your warehouse. Do you use your own inventory management system? No problem! Ovoko API allows scrap yards to connect their warehouse management systems to Ovoko platform. Get started by reading Ovoko API description.
Ovoko marketplace bridges the information gap between the seller and the buyer across Europe. We aim to create a usual online shopping experience for offline business. Your items will be available to be found on our marketplaces and on Google search across the Europe in native languages. Safe, secure, trusted and backed by thousands of buyers positive feedbacks on Trustpilot our marketplaces are rapidly expanding customers base within 750+ Millions European citizens.
We collaborate with delivery companies at an international scale to provide fast and reliable logistics. Our managed logistics guarantee a better pricing for consumers and facilitates an improved workflow for our sellers.
No listing fees, no subscriptions, no commitments! You pay us only if you sell it on Ovoko marketplace. Our pricing plan is based on commission and a transaction fee only. There are no other hidden fees.
Our step by step process
Digitalise your inventory
Used car parts

Dismantled or purchased by our partners.

Product photos

Taken by our partners and uploaded to our online platform.


Every listed item is assigned a barcode for easy storage and location tracking.

Make your parts discoverable
Online listing

Every item is described and placed in a product category. Store visitors can browse the marketplace and find suitable car parts by using our search engine. Certain details can be automatically uploaded to Ebay and Allegro as well.


Clients find the items they need and complete their purchase on our platform.

Order confirmation

The seller receives a message about every sale they make on the platform.

Ship & Deliver

The seller prepares ordered items for shipping.


Once the package is ready, we organize the pickup and take care of the entire shipping process.


Purchased items quickly make their way from the seller to the customer.

Satisfy your customers
Customer service

The sale might be over, but our job isn’t. In case of a delivery problem or an issue with the purchased item, our customer service team will process customer feedback and find a solution. We will also take care of returns.

Settlement with partners

To account for successful sales that our partners make on our online marketplace, we issue 3 payments per month.

Growing sales

Our team seeks to improve user journey and promote the platform, driving more traffic to the site and increasing the number of sales. Our success = your success.

See how we could solve
your business problem?
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Frequently Asked Questions
It depends on if you use your own inventory management system or plan to use Ovoko inventory management system. If you have your own inventory management system, our API integration usually takes up to a few weeks. Once it is connected, you can start selling immediately. If you plan to use Ovoko inventory system, we will set you up with an account in few days and you can start digitizing your inventory. We will analyse your stock, photos and if everything looks good, you will be able to start selling in a week.
Unfortunately, no. It is the scrap yard's responsibility to build an API integration and connect it with Ovoko platform.
Yes, we welcome to join all scrap yards from France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Baltic countries. If your scrap yard is located in other EU country please contact us and we will reach out with you.
Yes, we can integrate your Ovoko account with your, and accounts.
Yes, we do.
Within 14 days from the date customer received an order they may return the item for a full refund. Ovoko return policy.
Ovoko takes care of the returned order delivery and it is free of charge for scrap yards (as long as scrap yard defect rate is under accepted level).
Ovoko marketplace is available in 10 different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian.
Ovoko marketplace will help you to further expand your sales geography. We have many scrap yards, which sell on their own online shop, eBay and Ovoko marketplace. We constantly improve our sales platform, making sure that our partners' items are visible and accessible to customers from almost anywhere in Europe.
Of course. We root for our partners' success. Our support comes in many ways, including business management tools, training, market observations and useful tips.