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Aurimas Quote 2

“The team has increased nearly 3 times. Currently, details alone are photographed by 5-6 people.”

Aurimas, UAB Arauta (Lithuania, Biržai)
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Case study: a medium-sized company #1

total sales value –

22 972 € neto

Zilvinas Quote 1

“After joining Ovoko, sales to foreign countries, such as such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Czech Republic, Sweden, began.”

Žilvinas, UAB Detalynas (Lithuania, Vilnius)
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Case study: a medium-sized company #2

total sales value –

137 747 € neto

Case study: a small company

total sales value –

18 300 € neto

How does it all work?

Second hand/used car parts

Dismanted or purchased.


Photos of usable parts are taken and are uploaded to the system.


Every part is assigned with a barcode. Later, using this code, it is easy to trace the location of the part on the shelf.

Online store

Details are displayed in the online store. Delegated teams are continuously working on its technical development and promotion. Some details are automatically uploaded to Ebay and Allegro.


Consumers from all over Europe are looking in Ovoko online store for car parts they need.


The seller is informed in the system about a part purchased.


The seller packs and prepares for shipment the parts purchased.


We take care of the whole shipping process. Therefore, our couriers arrive as soon as details are ready.

Happy customer

The order is delivered promptly to almost anywhere in the world

Customer service

Should the customers have questions or if the shipping process was not smooth, we are ready to solve their problem here and now. Ovoko also takes care of product return.

Settlement with partners

We pay the sellers 3 times a month for parts that were sold through our system.

Growing sales

It is in our interest to increase the number of purchasers and improve the system. Your success = our success.

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It is worth

  • We provide business management tools. This includes not only software but also training, good scrap management practices and market knowledge.
  • We administer the entire customer service process.
  • We take care of the development of Ovoko online store so that your goods were competitive, visible and easily accessible throughout Europe.
  • We administer the Ebay account which even further expands the sales geography – consumers from all over the world can order your goods.
  • We are developing integration between Ovoko and other channels. For this reason, parts can be automatically uploaded to your Ebay and Allegro accounts.
  • We have no hidden fees – commissions + transaction fee.
  • The Ovoko team takes care of the entire shipping procedure.

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